As experienced Texas real estate lawyers, we treat each matter like the unique situation it is.
Whether it’s a condo, residential or commercial, financing or investment, purchase or sale, new
construction or renovation: all real estate comes with a large list of potential pitfalls.

As experienced real estate lawyers in Texas, we have come across seemingly simple deals with significant problems,
such as a title company incorrectly naming the seller. We help you identify and solve any defects in construction or
title or zoning issues.


Whether you’re a real estate investor or just investing in
your family’s home, you should always have a lawyer
review the sale contract before you sign.

Realtors are usually great professionals; however, they shouldn’t be
writing the special provisions in your real estate sales contract.

An example of where you would need a lawyer’s input is: if the HVAC
unit is having problems and the realtor merely wants to list that it “be
fixed” as a closing condition. The problem with leaving it at that are the
details – who’s covering the costs, it’s fixed to which party’s satisfaction
or is it just to pass inspection (if so, then who’s inspector and who pays
for the inspector). All of these details need to be accounted for in order
for the provision to truly protect you.

Fee Attorney
Title Services

Buying or selling, a home is one of the most expensive
things you will ever own. It is vitally important that the sale
is conducted in a manner that makes sure you are

You want a lawyer as your fee attorney who knows and understands
your title and closing needs. This is absolutely necessary whether you
are a estate investor or buying or selling your home. Real estate inves-
tors need a fee attorney who can handle your complex transactions. As
a buyer or a seller, you need an open line of communication to the team
handling your closing. Tadlock & Associates prides itself keeping you
apprised in being affiliated with Lawyers Title.

Residential and Commercial Leases

Are you a landlord who needs a proper lease drafted or negotiated? Are you a tenant who’s having trouble with your landlord or want to make sure you’re not getting a raw deal? Tadlock & Associates understands the situation both landlords and tenants are in. We’ve seen leases off the internet or drafted by a non-lawyer that do not protect anyone. Let us protect you.


Disputes over residential and commercial real estate often come down to the fine print. Tadlock & Associates understands that these disputes are often very complicated. If you have a real estate dispute, you should seek advice from knowledgeable lawyers who can provide straightforward answers to help you make the best decisions for your situation.

Contractor Disputes

Have you run into problems with a contractor or vendor who has recently done some work on your property? Sometimes these disputes can get messy as contractors can file mechanic liens thereby clouding title to your property. Don’t just cave into the demands of a contractor or a vendor. Tadlock & Associates can give you an honest assessment of your dispute and can you help solve it.


Are you a real estate investor with properties you’ve financed to a buyer? Has the buyer stopped making payments and putting a strain on your cash-flow? If so, then foreclosing on the promissory note may be your best option, especially if the buyer isn’t communicating with you.

Tadlock & Associates offers flat rates for foreclosure to help you manage your losses due to a defaulting buyer.

HOA & Tax Foreclosure Redemption

Foreclosure can be heart-breaking. Being forced out of the place you’ve called home. However, if the foreclosure was due to back property taxes owed to the county, then you may be able to get your home back. Likewise, if a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) forecloses on your property due to outstanding HOA assessment fees, then you may be able to get your home back. This process is called redemption, and unlike a mortgage company foreclosing on your property, an HOA or Tax foreclosure can be redeemed – but time is of the essence.

We’ve represented clients on both sides of foreclosure redemptions. We at Tadlock & Associates strive to make the redemption as fast and smooth as possible.

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