Have you ever wanted to own a silencer (suppressor), machine-gun, short-barreled rifle, or a
short-barreled shotgun?

NFA Trusts, also known as Gun Trusts, is one avenue to purchase these.

Most Revocable Trusts can hold firearms. The problem is that many are not setup properly to deal with the special issues involving items regulated by the NFA. If not addressed properly, the individuals possession a Title II Firearm is violating the NFA and subject to substantial fines, criminal charges, and forfeiture of all weapons (not just those regulated by the NFA).

Everyone must be careful when reviewing information dealing with revocable trusts for NFA purchases. Every state has different laws, and local ordinances. We have seen many websites containing inaccurate information.

A properly created NFA Trust for procuring and holding Firearms is a complicated document and you should have it prepared and explained by a licensed attorney who can review any trust prior to the acquisition or transfer of regulated firearms.

We understand that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right and want to support you in pursuit of your rights. In order to comply with state and federal laws, we can assist you with a NFA Trust or other entities.

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