If you’re a landlord or property owner, a tenant not paying their rent is a big problem. If it persists, then you run the risk of defaulting on the mortgage and a foreclosure – if you don’t have enough saved up to outlast the tenant’s nonpayment (or worse, their bankruptcy). That’s the same for both residential and commercial tenants.

Matthew Tadlock has successfully handled thousands of eviction cases in Texas. Let Tadlock & Associates’ experience handle your eviction effectively and efficiently.

We provide flat fee packages for all our eviction clients that cover their needs and gets their defaulting tenant out of the property.


Our first package is for those who want Tadlock & Associates to handle the entirety of their case from the delivering the Notice to Vacate to obtaining a Writ of Possession after the judgment from the Justice Court or County Court at Law.

This package is $1,000 plus costs and includes:

  • Notice to Vacate
  • Drafting the Eviction Petition
  • Attending the Justice Court Eviction Trial
  • Attending any Appeal to County Court at Law Appeal
  • Drafting Motion for Writ of Possession
  • Drafting Request for Writ of Possession

Eviction Package II

This second option is for those who handle their own Justice Court trial but need assistance with a tenant’s appeal.

This package is $750 plus costs and includes:

  • Attending the Appeal to County Court at Law Appeal
  • Motion for Writ of Possession
  • Request for Writ of Possession

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