Starting a company is lonely, and business owners have to make difficult decisions everyday. In
our experience, the best safety net is the legal advice and expertise from an efficient,
communicative, & credible lawyer.

Whenever we meet, magic happens. Our consultations & follow-ups are designed to be real conversations with direct
business solutions. Clients leave with new ideas, better contracts, and real action steps that they can apply
immediately to keep growing and getting better. You won’t be a case number here – we hate that.

At Tadlock & Associates, PLLC, we pride ourselves on
developing outstanding client relationships so we can
analyze possible risk, anticipate potential pitfalls, and help
you navigate through business and industry changes.

Our goals is to help you reap the most from your business now, protect
the future success of your company, and get the most out of your exit

Our firm advises for-profit and not-for-profit companies, small business startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs.
We counsel U.S. and global businesses during all stages of their life cycles: from formation to operation, to expansion
via merger or acquisition, to dissolution.

Our Texas business law firm handles:


Great contracts protects you the individual, protects your business, keeps your staff employed, your door open for business, and your assets safe.

The best business advice is have your business & commercial contracts written by a lawyer in your favor, with loopholes that you can take advantage of — limiting the gaps or loopholes customers, clients, or third parties would want to exploit.

Business and Corporate Formation

There may be multiple options available depending upon the importance of various factors to the individuals forming the company.

Some of the factors that clients often consider include: the goals of the business, the risks involved with the business, the number and type of owners, the number of employees, growth, transferability of ownership, availability of capital, liability concerns, and the use of outside investors.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Don’t let the stress of a business or commercial dispute paralyze you. Tadlock and Associates understands the business and commercial disputes and works to resolve them quickly before they escalate and wreck your business.

We will always give you our up-front and honest opinion of the dispute. The last thing we want to see is the business you’ve worked so hard for fail because a dispute or lawsuit could not be solved quickly or efficiently.

Corporate Governance and Restructuring

Great business owners know that they are responsible for protecting and ensuring the workplace culture is maintained, protected, and constantly getting better.

The more people become part of your business the more you need to have the right policies, rules, procedures, practices, and structuring in place to ensure the quality of your work environment and effectiveness of your business. We help you do that through good corporate governance & corporate restructuring.


Do you know how you are going to exit your
business? You may have a dream of going public,
selling to the highest bidder, or retiring and
handing over your business legacy to your family.

Big dreams aside, the truth is that many small business
owners have no exit strategy for their business in the event
of their disability, retirement, or death. An exit strategy
means having a plan for the unexpected – a succession or
transfer of ownership of your business.

Mergers and

Often the fastest and best way to grow a
business is to buy an existing business operation,
rather than building up a sector from scratch. The
two ways in which businesses combine are
mergers and acquisitions.

The structure of a merger, acquisition, or ownership change
is of the upmost importance because it affects the liabilities
of the surviving or ongoing business and the protections
available to the new and former owners.

Copyright, Trademark, & Intellectual Property Protection

Chances are you’re probably creating or developing
something right now, personally or professionally. We know
you’re anticipating the brilliant feeling that will come when
it’s done.

Before you gift your genius to the world add just one more
thing to your development plan: Copyright, Trademark, &
Intellectual Property Protection. In today’s digital world it’s
mandatory that companies protect what they produce, their
brand, and their creative content.


Your company has the right to keep its intellectual property
safe, and if an employee takes that property with him to
another company or to start their own company, in violation
of their non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, that is
tantamount to theft. A competitor should not gain a
significant advantage from hiring one of your former

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